09.00-09.05 Welcome
09.05-09.45 KEY  Google update 2015
Sagnik Nandy, distinguished engineer &
sr director, Google
09.45-10.00 Still just reporting when you could be optimizing?
Everybody  says they want to use analytics to improve their business. In reality we all get stuck in day-to-day reporting and analysis paralysis. If you want to take the next step on your Analytics ninjafication journey, this is a must attend.
John Ekman
, chief conversionista, Conversionista
10.00-10.15 Premium Only!
When should you consider Google Analytics Premium, and when should you spend your money on something else?
Christoffer Luthman, co-founder & web analyst, Outfox
10.15-10.45 Break
10.45-11.15 Trends from Ungdomsbarometern
Ulrik Simonsson, ceo, Ungdomsbarometern
11.15-11.30 Google Analytics for the future marketing director
The role of the marketing director has rapidly changed in our digital world. The understanding for analysis and measurement is far more important than before.  But what do marketing directors leverage from web analytics, really?
Magnus Friberg
& Freddie Jansson, industry analysts, Google
11.30-11.45 The Anatomy of Great Analytics
Creating the right building blocks for world class analytics organization in a world of fast pace digital transformation.
Alexander Bergqvist, sr analytics consultant, Klikki
11.45-12.15 CASE  Case Naturskyddsföreningen
Manja Hellbom, website & digital communications manager, Naturskyddsföreningen
12.15-13.15 Lunch
13.15-13.45 KEY  Google Analytics – The Last Decade and the Next
A talk covering where GA has been and where, from a perspective as a non-Googler, the analytics industry and the GA platform are going.
Caleb Withmore, founder and principal consultant, Analytics Pros
13.45-14.00 Enhanced e-commerce
Last year Google released Enhanced E-commerce for GA, providing the tools for marketers and business owners to get more insights for their business than ever before.
Magnus Hedin, head of seo & analytics and Ola Sehlén, analytics consultant, iProspect
14.00-14.30 CASE  Multiple devices – one unique user
Alexander Filatov, agile process master, Viaplay
14.30-14.45 Practical use of analytics
Daniel Carlbom, seo manager, NetBooster
14.45-15.15 Paus
15.15-15.45 CASE  A razor sharp case will be presented soon
15.45-16.15 KEY  Next-fashioned Lifestyles
Anchored in cultural analysis, Ida translates lifestyles and behaviors into business strategy. She weaves together the most important and exciting current trends, consumer behaviors and cultural eruptions to forecast implications on your near future.
Ida Hult, consumer specialist & trendspotter


Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98, 118 60 Stockholm