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Our 13 000 professional marketeers are members because they want to receive invitations to relevant events, training classes and content. Wednesday Plus is the perfect marketing package for you to invite new contacts for your own event.

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Market your White Paper, Survey, Trend report, film or other content to Wednesday Relations 13 000 professional Marketeers.

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Franck Attia


"We liked the One2One Meetings concept at Wednesday Executive. We had ten effective meetings with representatives from different companies, and five to six of them wants to take the discussion further. At Wednesday Executive we met relevant representatives from interesting companies. "

Alexander Wallin


"Infomedia has been running webinars, seminars and executive dinners with Wednesday Relations for almost three years. We could not be happier with the results in terms of brand recognition, leads and conversions. For a contender in a new market such as Infomedia, Wednesday Relations add a lot of value with their professionalism as hosts/organizers as well as with their network of Marketing and Communications Executives. I would happily recommend WR as a partner."

Mårten Bokedal


”We used Wednesday Relations (Plus product) to generate high quality attendees for our Lunch seminars ”Food for Thought”. The majority of the seminars were fully booked after first mailing. Very positive with so many registrants and high interest from Wednesday Relations members. I can highly recommend Wednesday Plus to market your own event”


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