Host a webinar with Wednesday Relations

A webinar in cooperation with Wednesday Relations is a perfect way to share know-how information and generate leads. A webinar is easy to attend both for the delegates and for your domestic and/or international speakers. For webinars all of our 15 000 members gets invited.

We gather between 50 and 200 people per webinar. Our experience tells us that about 30-40 minutes is the most appealing length for a webinar to keep the audience.

Malin Bodolla

CMO, litium

"Together with Wednesday Relations we had a webinar where we presented our report on how B2B-companies digital commerce looks in numbers. With over 250 sign-ups we are happy to say that it was a very effective way for us to reach our target group. I can really recommend Wednesday Relations as a partner for these types of events."

Minesh Mistry

Marketing Program Specialist, On24

"Using Wednesday Relations as a partner has given us the opportunity to expand our reach with B2B marketers in Sweden. We ran a joint webinar with them where they hosted the session and ran a panel discussion with 3 other marketers on the topic of marketing trends in 2020. This led to some great names in terms of registrations and attendees. I would happily recommend WR as a partner."

Structure of a Webinar

Example of an agenda for a Wednesday Webinar:

09:00 Introduction by Moderator from Wednesday Relations

09:05 Your presentation starts / or invited guest speaker

09:25 Questions and chat session

09:30 The End

Included in Partner Package for Wednesday Webinar

  • 30-40 min speaker slot
  • The full list of attendees with names, company, title & email, including no-shows
  • Your own event page with text and logo on Wednesday Relations' web site
  • Your own post-event page with insights, interviews, presentation & White papers
  • Profiling of your company towards our members
  • Invitation in newsletter to 15 000 Wednesday Relations members
  • Recorded version of the webinar
  • Recorded version on Wednesday Relations Youtube channel
  • Opportunity to invite your own customer and contacts to the webinar
  • Moderator from Wednesday Relations
  • Result from evaluation of the webinar
  • Technical platform for the webinar

Price: 29 900 SEK

Selection of Previous Partners:

Interested in being a partner?

If you are interested in creating new business through permisson marketing you should become partner to one of our conferences, seminars or webinars. For more information about our partner packages and prices, please contact Mats Gustafsson by phone, 08- 642 21 90,
or .

Contact me about Wednesday Webinars

Franck Attia


"We liked the One2One Meetings concept at Wednesday Executive. We had ten effective meetings with representatives from different companies, and five to six of them wants to take the discussion further. At Wednesday Executive we met relevant representatives from interesting companies. "

Michael Brask


"Our breakfast seminar together with Wednesday Relations was fully booked with 90 participants in one day. Wednesday Relations suggested that we should do an extra seminar the same day. That seminar became fully booked after 20 minutes. We did a third seminar the same day that also became fully booked. Amazing. We are more than very satisfied with the fact that we got the opportunity to meet 210 relevant people in one morning through Wednesday Relations."

Mårten Bokedal


”We used Wednesday Relations (Plus product) to generate high quality attendees for our Lunch seminars ”Food for Thought”. The majority of the seminars were fully booked after first mailing. Very positive with so many registrants and high interest from Wednesday Relations members. I can highly recommend Wednesday Plus to market your own event”


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