Wednesday Breakfast

Building B2B marketing excellence

Building B2B marketing excellence




08.00 - 09.00 Registrering & frukost från 07.30


Näckströmsgatan 8, Stockholm



Building B2B marketing excellence - The Silicon Valley way.

Silicon Valley Tech companies are some of the fastest growing organizations in the world. Of the world’s most valuable startup companies, most of the top ten are from the Valley. One reason for their success comes from their ability to excel in marketing and communication.

New trends originate and are tested in the Silicon Valley first – the ones that work are exported and applied by organizations worldwide. In this seminar we will dive into the world of Silicon Valley CMOs and look at how they are leveraging marketing to build successful tech brands, create leads and drive growth for their organizations. The seminar will include example cases from Silicon Valley B2B success stories like Apigee, Snowflake and ON24.

Target group

This seminar is directed to marketing professionals, especially B2B marketers. The seminar is unfortunately not open to industry colleagues to our partner. Only complete registration is accepted.

This breakfast seminar is extra suitable for B2B tech/SaaS companies.


07:30 | Registration & Breakfast

08:00 | Introduction by Wednesday Relations

08:05 | Building a strong B2B brand

Why is building a strong and consistent brand important for your business’s growth? How do tech companies in the Silicon Valley do it? In this section we will talk about the importance of branding, especially for B2B Tech companies and best practices to building brands that stand out in a very competitive marketplace.

Martyna Studniarska, Planner and Account Manager, Sköna Europe

08:20 | Building an efficient inbound marketing machine – Playing the “leads game”

Building a content strategy is on everyone’s To Do-list these days. But why is it important and how does it connect back to the bottom line? In this section we discuss strategies and tactics to drive leads and engage target audiences throughout their buying cycle.

Gwen Lafage, General Manager, Sköna Europe

08:35 | The future of B2B marketing – Trends from the Silicon Valley

B2B marketers in the Silicon Valley are always looking for new ways to drive growth for their organizations. With the explosion of big data and the proliferation of marketing software, the way to do marketing and the role of marketers is changing. In this section we look at current B2B marketing trends in the Silicon Valley that are setting the stage for what’s coming to Europe. We’ll discuss the new possibilities that new trends like ABM (account-based marketing) or AI (artificial intelligence) can bring to B2B marketing everywhere.

Jenny Sagström, Founder and CEO of Sköna

08.55 | Summary

Seminar takeaways

  • Insight into B2B marketing best practices and trends from the Silicon Valley
  • Hands-on tips on how to build your marketing efforts with lead generation in mind
  • Insights and inspiration from business cases from the Silicon Valley

One2One meeting

Sköna would also like to welcome attendees to personal One2One meetings in connection with the breakfast seminar. If you are interested in a 15 minute meeting with Sköna after the seminar, please check the interest box when registering to the event. We will get back to you to confirm the details.


Martyna Studniarska

Planner and Account Manager, Sköna Europe

Martyna Studniarska is an account manager and planner for Sköna Europe. With experience in advertising, PR as well as B2B marketing, both in Silicon Valley and Stockholm, Martyna contributes with a strong expertise in marketing strategy and analysis.

Gwen Lafage

General Manager, Sköna Europe

Gwen Lafage is Sköna Europe’s General Manager. She has over 10 years leadership experience in marketing communication agencies in France, London and Silicon Valley. Throughout her career, Gwen has garnered a reputation for developing creative campaigns and delivering excellence in account management.

Jenny Sagström

Founder and CEO of Sköna

Jenny Sagström is co-founder and CEO of Sköna. Over the last 14 years, Sköna has evolved from a small boutique agency to one of the top high tech agencies in Silicon Valley. Under Jenny’s leadership, Sköna has helped transform dozens of B2B companies into leader brands.


Sköna is a leading B2B creative agency in Silicon Valley. Headquartered in San Francisco, Sköna has collaborated with top tech companies including VMware, Apigee, Snowflake, EMC, and ON24 for over 14 years. We help build strong brands and create innovative results-driven campaigns. Some of our specialities include content strategy, lead/demand gen (using marketing automation) and engagement marketing. Sköna has recently expanded to Europe with an office in Stockholm.

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