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Building Loyalty in a Recession

Building Loyalty in a Recession




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Clarion Hotel Stockholm
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Building Loyalty in a Recession:

The Keys to Turning Unknown Customers into Loyal Advocates

With the rising cost of living and impending recession dominating the global news cycle, it would be reasonable to expect that price would be the most important factor when customers shop, but participation in loyalty is growing — and 59% of consumers are happy to pay more for their favoured brand.

As a result, loyalty programs represent a brand’s best bet to increase average order value and market share. Still, brands must maintain a valuable relationship with their best customers to stand out from the competition, attract loyalty, and grow profitably.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build Emotional Loyalty: Building emotional loyalty requires a complex, dynamic mix of activities and interactions between your brand and customers
  • Differentiate Your Brand from Competitors: Keeping up with what’s essential to long-term loyalty will help you stand out from the crowd
  • Appeal to What Creates Satisfied Customer: Offer a great product or service, good customer service, product availability, and a wide range of options
  • Win Customers Over with Personalisation: Consumers cite two reasons why they favour brands — 1. it “makes me feel special and recognised” and 2. the brand “proactively addresses my needs.”
  • Optimise for Mobile: With 72% preferring to use mobile when shopping online, retailers must optimise their loyalty programs for mobile to make purchasing as easy as possible.
  • Clearly Articulate Your Data Privacy Policy to Build Trust: With 61% of shoppers disapproving of cookie ads and 17% frustrated by offers based on data never shared, now is the time to build strong consumer trust through clear communication.

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07.30 | Breakfast is served!
Registration and breakfast

08.00 | Introduction
Mats Gustafsson, CEO & Founder | Wednesday Relations

08.05 | Building Loyalty in a Recession: The Keys to Turning Unknown Customers into Loyal Advocates
Mark Taylor - Sales Director EMEA | Cheetah Digital by Marigold

08.35 - 08.45 | Questions and summary


Mark Taylor

Sales Director EMEA | Cheetah Digital by Marigold

Mark has spent 20 years advising some of the world's most instantly-recognisable brands to build strategies to understand their customers better and build more meaningful relationships.
Since joining Cheetah Digital by Marigold, Mark has brought a fresh perspective on how brands can use leading technology to build long-lasting customer relationships that drive loyalty.

Mats Gustafsson


Mats founded Wednesday Relations 2002 and have extended experience in marketing, sales, digital business and CRM. Mats has worked in line-positions within marketing and sales in Sweden and worldwide. Together with Wednesday Relations, Mats has created a lot of conferences and seminars, and is also a very popular and well-experienced moderator.

Wednesday Breakfast Partner

Marigold’s approach to relationship marketing stands alone in a world of one-size-fits-all marketing technology companies. Our solutions are designed for your specific size, industry, and maturity, giving you the technology and expertise you need to grow the relationships that grow your business, from customer acquisition to engagement to loyalty. And, with a team of strategists that provide insights into what’s working, what’s not, and what’s changing in your industry, you can maximise ROI at every step. Great marketing isn’t just about conversion but genuine connection. Learn why 40,000 businesses worldwide trust Marigold as the foundation they need to help relationships take root.

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