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CX Digital Transformation in Marketing & Sales

CX Digital Transformation in Marketing & Sales




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CX Digital Transformation in Marketing & Sales

Trends and Strategies You Need to Know for Marketing & Sales Professionals

Marketing and sales organisations around the globe are under constant pressure to perform, even while facing increased competition and disruption.  At the same time, customers spend more time searching for solutions to their challenges and spend less time engaging with sales people. These factors combined not only put pressure on sales leaders but also on the marketing leaders supporting them. Without “Digital Transformation” of sales and supporting marketing processes, many organisations seem destined to lose market share to other, more nimble competitors. 

On this webinar with 2 leading experts, we provide insight and examples of how these above challenges are being addressed by other organizations as they “Digitally Transform” their approach in order to beat the competition.  Whether you work in marketing or sales, don’t be left behind on how you too can address these challenges to digitally transform your business in order to sell more.

Key questions

  1. What key trends must marketing and sales leaders be aware of?
  2. What implications do these trends have for succeeding with markeing and sales?
  3. What “assumptions” do we have today within marketing and sales that are no longer valid?
  4. What approach and tools are marketing and sales organizations using to break the rules and find sale success and growth where others fail?

Neil Pridham

Director - Oracle Sales/CPQ Cloud

25 Years of Sales and IT Director roles across a number of industry verticals. Specialties: Selling IT Solutions to senior managers whether in direct sales roles or internal business roles. Working with senior business leaders to identify, justify and deliver IT investments based on a sound financial rationale.Cloud computing, Software as a Service (SAAS). Platform as a Service (PaaS), Business Transformation, Technology implementation, Solution adoption, Telecommunications.

Responsible for the integrated branding, messaging and go-to-market strategy for Oracle CPQ Cloud globally across online, social and sales channels.

Development of plays based on market analysis, solution capability and sales organisation to drive metrics into the sales process.

Alex Love

Managing Director - Enigen

Alex is the Managing Director of Enigen, a Customer Experience and Technology implementation consultancy. He has 10 years of experience advising on the digitisation of Sales Processes, Performance and Automation across both B2B and B2C sectors in small, medium and large enterprise sales teams driving higher revenues and profit margins.

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