Wednesday Breakfast

Enterprise UX - Employees are humans too...

Enterprise UX - Employees are humans too...




08.00-09.00 Frukost och registrering från kl 07.30


Näckströmsgatan 8, 111 47 Stockholm



Enterprise UX - Employees are humans too...

The internal systems and tools of many enterprises have shockingly bad user interfaces. In some cases it is because the date from the pre-historic times of the green monochrome monitor. More often than not, though, UX and design have simply been ignored since, well - you know - no actual “customer” will ever see the system. But employees are humans too...

Well, we are here to tell you that ignoring internal systems will damage your business. Clunky internal tools cost companies in terms of productivity, training and ultimately the customer experience. 

Fortunately, with Enterprise UX you can bring internal systems back from the dead. These systems exist for a reason - and giving them the attention they deserve through proper design and user-centricity can unlock enormous value. Internally as well as externally. 

Join us to hear more about Enterprise UX and how Bombayworks have helped Electrolux to unlock the potential in their internal systems.


  • How internal systems impact end consumers
  • How to modernize an aging internal system
  • How to build new light-weight internal systems

Target audience

This breakfast seminar is not only aimed for those who own or run internal systems at corporations - it is for anyone who comes in contact with an internal system on a daily basis. I.e. most professionals. The seminar is unfortunately not open for competitors to our partner Bombayworks.


07.30 | Registration and breakfast

08.00 | Introduction Wednesday Relations 

08.05 | Enterprise UX - Employees are humans too..

08.55 | Questions and summarize


Martin Centerman


Equally at home in the boardroom as in a dev-sprint, Martin focuses on helping F500 companies grow their digital business. With a track-record spanning 15 years in digital business development - he has created successful platforms, strategies and campaigns for global F500 companies as well as built and sold his own startups.

Niklas Roupé


As the co-founder and CEO of Bombayworks, Niklas has delivered successful digital projects, products and services to clients like Electrolux, Orkla, Toyota, Academic Work and Ikea since 2007. He has built the agency to combine business sense, creativity and technology to achieve real, measurable results.

Jana Marx

Head of Martech @ Electrolux

Jana has over 20 years of experience in managing and optimizing internal systems. Blending technical expertise with business acumen she is currently in charge of the martech stack for Electrolux Europe. She has seen her fair share of legacy-systems and knows the impact they can have on business performance. 

Breakfast partner

Bombayworks is a full-service digital growth consultancy. We combine business sense, creativity and technology to achieve real, measurable results. Not for our clients, but with them. 

We believe that success is founded on collaboration - both with our clients and their suppliers. That’s why our reputation is based on long-term partnerships. Partnerships that allow us to grow existing business and explore new digital ventures together. 

 We excel at scale - helping clients balance central and local needs across multiple markets. 

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