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Make it all about me
Understanding & gauging omnichannel maturity

When discussing marketing it is impossible to avoid the term Omnichannel. But Omnichannel is way bigger than just implementing click-n-collect and getting sign ups for your newsletter. But what does it actually take to create as many loyal customer relationships with as few resources as possible? And where do you start?

At this seminar Rasmus Houlind will give you a thorough introduction to the framework "The Omnichannel Hexagon" which is a comprehensive model for understanding and gauging omnichannel maturity and thus setting the direction for future omnichannel efforts. 

The exciting agenda shares experiences and tips on how to get started with omnichannel communication:

  • Presentation by Rasmus Houlind, author and omnichannel expert
  • Customer Cases
  • Workshop - As a participant, you and your colleagues get a concrete visualization of your individual gaps and lead in relation to the industry based on the recognized maturity model

The event caters to all decision makers in marketing, CRM, digital and e-commerce.

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