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Protect your Brand, Reputation and Leadership in Social Media

Protect your Brand, Reputation and Leadership in Social Media




17:00 - 20:00


Smålandsgatan 7

Protect your Brand, Reputation and Leadership in Social Media

Together with our partner Infomedia we are having an Executive Round Table that will discuss the fact that we are living in the age of the customer- where brand reputation and digital trust are paramount to success. We will focus on how to identify where your business is exposed, how to prioritize the risks with the business impact and which in the end will give you methods that your organization can utilize to protect your Digital Strategy and overall growth.

We have invited Evan Blair, co-founder of ZeroFOX the leader in Social Media Security, to share how the digital landscape and the risks associated have expanded exponentially over the past five years. Evan will provide valuable insight on how to mitigate impact on growth. Your Infomedia host of the night will be Kasper Hülsen, CCO of Infomedia. 

As part of a selected group you will be able to talk to peer Marketing and Social Media Leaders in Sweden. The evening will give you new insights, ideas and the possibility to network with people in similar positions in other companies. 

This Round Table is only directed to leaders/decisionsmakers within Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Digital marketing and Strategy in medium to large companies.

Following companies are already booked for the event: Länsförsäkringar, Fortum, EricssonPostNord, SEB, Skandia, Postkodlotteriet, Electrolux and Verisure Securitas Direct. 

Please note that this event is limited to 10 guests and is free of charge for the participants.


17.00 | Welcome and drink

17.30 | Moderator presents the agenda for the evening

Mats Gustafsson, founder & CEO, Wednesday Relations

17.35 | Introduction to Infomedia 

Kasper Hülsen, CCO of Infomedia

17.45 | Security Risks on Social Media

Evan will discuss security issues on Social Media. Social media has been the subject of exploitation since its inception. It made major headlines lalety the wake of the US 2016 presidential elections. Evan will discuss the key risks for brands such as malicious inbound content posted to owned social media pages.

Evan Blair, co-founder, Global VP at ZeroFOX

18:15 | Contribute your thoughts and challenges through a group conversation over dinner

19:50 | Summarize and ending

Annika Javestad


"A very appreciated event format that invites you to new insights, interesting discussions and networking."

Kajsa Arvidsson


"I really liked the format of the event. It generated good discussions and a couple of good key insights."


Evan Blair


Evan Blair currently runs the Worldwide Channel Sales organization, having previously held the role of COO and been at the helm of the Global Marketing team. Evan spends his time with customers, industry analysts and partners solving the security challenges and risks that social media presents to the modern business. He is responsible for driving the ZeroFOX corporate vision through execution-focused initiatives, has spoken at industry conferences from Las Vegas to NYC including RSA Conference, McAfee FOCUS, SINET and has been featured by the New York Times, The Atlantic, Forbes and other major publications.

Evan leverages a diverse background in economics and security to shape value based programs and empower the CISO within the organization. Prior to founding ZeroFOX, Evan was a member of the Accuvant Leadership Team and has held both financial and business development leadership roles within the security industry. He studied at Cambridge University and holds a BA in Economics from Wake Forest University.

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