Wednesday Breakfast

Turning big data into marketing strategy

Turning big data into marketing strategy




08:00 - 09:00 Breakfast and registration from 07:30


F7, Ljusgården
Fleminggatan 7, 112 26 Stockholm



Turning big data into marketing strategy

In a world of 347,222 tweets per minute, 18,000 hour of video content every hour, and millions of online articles each day, it has never been more difficult for a company to get an overview and yet, at the same time, it has also never been so easy to measure the wrong things. This seminar will guide you to how to utilize the data to make the right marketing decisions.


07:30 - 08:00 Breakfast and registration

08:00 - 08:05 Introduction Wednesday Relations

08:05 - 08:55 Digesting Big Data to improve your Marketing decisions

Data, information and knowledge are the three most important elements for marketing success in the new economy. Join Chris McCormick on a light hearted, entertaining journey through data; from asking the right questions, gathering the best information and using the most appropriate methods, all the way through to gaining the intelligence you need to make better decisions. Chris will be recounting some of the more unusual stories from the world of big data along the way.

08:55 - 09:00 Questions and summarize

Target group

The seminar is for you who work in a line-position within the corporate world in the fields marketing, social media management and customer experience. The seminar is unfortunately not open for competitors to our partner.

Christopher Mccormick

Global Director of Sales Engineering, Brandwatch

From gaming the first iteration of Facebook’s events invite notification back in 2007 all the way to consulting on global social transformation roll outs in 2018, social media has somehow crept into every aspect of Chris's life. Keeping up with the continuous evolution of the industry and advising social organisations on how to best respond to these changes is what rocks his cotton socks!

Breakfast partner

We believe that communication can change the world - Communication can overthrow governments, a tweet can put political relations out of control, and a social media storm can put an unknown business on the map. Infomedia is your strategic partner for providing insights and advice on how to strengthen your strategic efforts on social media to ensure that your company gains market shares, increase revenues and minimize risks through social media. Read more here

Our strategic partner, Brandwatch, is the world’s leading social intelligence company, with world-leading people at the heart of it. Their teams build intelligent software solutions that meet the needs of over 1,200 forward-thinking businesses around the world.

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