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Utilizing first party data for revenue generation

Utilizing first party data for revenue generation









If the customer is king, actionable customer data is the crown jewels

As a retailer, this is especially true in an offline/online world, where understanding your customer interaction (and reacting to those interactions in a timely and personalised way at scale), underpins commercial success. Danish kitchen provider Kvik is driving to do just this! Join us and hear their story, first hand!

Discover the how’s and why’s you should consider a first-party-data driven strategy that will set you free from the “walled gardens” - Google, Facebook and Amazon ads - and give you full insight and control of activating your greatest asset, first party customer data.


  • Hear from Kvik how you can optimise unused commercial potential with a focus on utilising data across the whole customer journey
  • Learn what CDP actually is and how to activate the data that goes through it
  • Gain insights into how to build your ecosystem of technical solutions to boost and activate all of your customer data
  • Hear how organisations drive personalised customer communications at scale across channels.


10.00 | Introduction

Mats Gustafsson, CEO & Founder @ Wednesday Relations

10.05 | Utilizing first party data for revenue generation + hear Kvik share their story

Søren Valdorff Rasmussen - Customer Journey and Performance team lead @ Kvik
Julie Lindstrøm Antonsen - Junior Business Consultant @ Kvik

10.20 | Panel discussion

Bo Sannung - CCO @ Agillic 
Thomas Lee - Senior Account Executive @ Tealium
Kjell Wittmaack - COO @ NexusOne
Bo Reenberg - Senior Architect @ NexusOne

10.40 | Questions and summary

10.45 | End


Target group

The seminar is for you who work in a line organization within marketing, data analytics and revenue generation. The seminar is not open for kitchen suppliers or their vendors, CDP- or marketing automation vendors.

Are you interested but do not have the opportunity to see this event live? Sign up anyway (ANMÄL DIG, in the left menu), and we will make sure you get access to the recorded version afterwards.

Online registration closes 15 minutes before the webinar starts.

Speakers and Panellists

Søren Valdorff Rasmussen

Customer Journey and Performance team lead, KVIK

Søren is responsible for the customer journey in Kvik, together with his team. Søren derives from a generalist background, both in bureaus and on the customer side, from Google ads (back when it was adwords) coding in flash, into deeper tech and data knowledge allowing him to work with Marketing automation and omnichannel marketing.

Søren has been with Kvik since June 2019.

Bo Sannung

CCO, Agillic

Bo Sannung joined Agillic in 2015. He has experience in both IT management, digital marketing and marketing management from advertising and consulting agencies, and in the software and financial industries. He combines a profound technical, analytical and business understanding. Bo holds an MSc in Marketing, Management and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School and a diploma in leadership, management and business administration from IMD Business School in Switzerland.

Kjell Wittmaack

COO, NexusOne

Kjell is a business leader and top consultant with 15+ years of experience in delivering business results in a long range of private and public companies in Denmark and abroad. Proven track-record across many industries.

Julie Lindstrøm Antonsen

Project Manager, KVIK

First of all, Julie is NOT technical, especially when it’s in regard to IT. Still Julie works as a project manager in IT development in Kvik. Why might you ask? – because one of Julies core functions is also change management, and communicating complex IT landscapes and architecture to non-technical stakeholders.

Julie has been with Kvik since April 2021, and holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, Specialized in Organization & Strategy and motivating employees in a digital transformation

Bo Reenberg

Senior Architect, NexusOne

Bo has experience in consulting, solution architecture, data management, integrations, MarTech and marketing automation. He has a great portfolio from leading global and regional brands & agencies including Adidas Group, SAS, AirGreenland, Boozt, Lessor et al.

Thomas Lee

Senior Account Executive, Tealium

Thomas, natively Danish, has over 15 years of experience working in various senior sales and business development positions across the data and software industry. Thomas holds a BA degree in Information Management from Staffordshire University and is passionate about working with brands to maximise the power of their data.

Mats Gustafsson


Mats founded Wednesday Relations 2002 and have extended experience in marketing, sales, digital business and CRM. Mats has worked in line-positions within marketing and sales in Sweden and worldwide. Together with Wednesday Relations, Mats has created a lot of conferences and seminars, and is also a very popular and well-experienced moderator.

Wednesday Live Partners

Tealium connects customer data– spanning web, mobile, offline, and IoT devices— so brands can connect with their customers. Tealium empowers companies to create a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure. The Tealium Customer Data Hub makes customer data more valuable, actionable, and secure. 

Agillic is a Danish software company offering brands an omnichannel marketing automation platform through which they can work with data-driven insights to create, automate and send personalised communication to millions, and thereby create the most impactful, meaningful and profitable customer experiences.

NexusOne is an independent consultancy that helps clients establish, implement, and operate data driven customer experiences and customer centric platforms. They create essential digital change for their clients' businesses to help fulfil the clients’ digital visions. NexusOne spans strategy, conceptualization, and implementation. 

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