If you want to find new leads, increase awareness and spread your message to our 17 000 members in the Swedish Market, we have a number of products/ packages that will do the job.

(saras förslag) We offer different products/packages so that you can reach our 17 000 members in the Swedish market. It is the perfect way to find new leads, increase awareness and spread your message.

We are happy to support you in a number of different marketing activities. You can buy one at a time or we agree on a joint plan with several activities over a period of time. At the moment we only do activities online.

Check out our Products / Packages, Member Insights, Annual Conferences or References.

Products / Packages

To make it easy for you, we have packaged our products and you will see price and included components. You decide if you like us to do most of the job or if you only like to invite our members to your own event. Don´t forget our Content Syndication package. A perfect match to our event packages.


Annual Conferences

We have a number of annual conferences with delegates representing Bank, Insurance, Telco, Utilities, Travel, Media, Entertainment, Manufacturing and IT-Industry. At all conferences we have partner packages such as One2One Meeting Packages, Platinum Partner Packages and Gold Partner Packages.


Member Insights 

If you're interested in meeting and communicating with our members within Marketing, Customer Experience, CRM and Social Media this page will be invaluable to you. You will find the most popular industries and titles among our members. And of course some numbers.



Check out a huge number of our happy customers and what they have achieved by doing activities with us. Best in class in the Swedish market. Our customers are coming back year after year.


Franck Attia


"We liked the One2One Meetings concept at Wednesday Executive. We had ten effective meetings with representatives from different companies, and five to six of them wants to take the discussion further. At Wednesday Executive we met relevant representatives from interesting companies. "

Alexander Wallin


"Infomedia has been running webinars, seminars and executive dinners with Wednesday Relations for almost three years. We could not be happier with the results in terms of brand recognition, leads and conversions. For a contender in a new market such as Infomedia, Wednesday Relations add a lot of value with their professionalism as hosts/organizers as well as with their network of Marketing and Communications Executives. I would happily recommend WR as a partner."

Mårten Bokedal


”We used Wednesday Relations (Plus product) to generate high quality attendees for our Lunch seminars ”Food for Thought”. The majority of the seminars were fully booked after first mailing. Very positive with so many registrants and high interest from Wednesday Relations members. I can highly recommend Wednesday Plus to market your own event”


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